RinCon 2022 Event Submission

Please enter your events for RinCon2022 September 2nd - 5th. Events submitted between June 1st and August 1st are eligible for a GM discount code.

Every 4 hours of programming for a minimum of 4 attendees is eligible for a 33% discount on the cost of the relevant ticket. These discounts are accrued and applied separately to Tucson Comic-Con and RinCon tickets, as these tickets need to be purchased separately. For instance, if you run a 4-hour session of D&D on Friday evening (RinCon) and host a 4-hour game of Axis & Allies on Saturday morning (Tucson Comic-Con), then you get a 33% discount on each of your two full-weekend passes. Alternatively, if you are purchasing single-day or single-evening tickets, you can host a 4-hour game to get that day's (or evening's) ticket for free. Some Comic-Con RPG slots are only 3 hours; these count the same as a full 4-hour slot.

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VERY IMPORTANT: Email for receiving discount code for registration. Please use the email address that you will be using to register for your RinCon membership. Make sure that you can receive email from schedule@rincongames.com

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